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My Little Prince ♥

314/500 exo airport appearance

Luhan’s IG Update 


5/ edits of jonghyun

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Thank you for always smiling, B.A.P♥

kens booty, hongbins hand

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21/ Things Yixing does that make him kawaii - changsa prince losing his crown three times from moving so much

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뮤지컬 풀하우스. 초귀염댕이 레오. 첫 연습때 느낌. 저 녀석 영재구나..걸음걸이 마저도
영재라는 캐릭터에 가까웠던. 수퍼스타 레오!  그동안 수고했어! 좋은작품으로 다시 만나자! 

Full House musical. Cutest Leo. The feeling of the first practice. So that kid is Youngjae.. Step by step he became closer to his character Youngjae. Superstar Leo! You worked hard! Let’s meet again in another project! 
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